oh, why yes, my print will be hanging in the gallery

The Kirkland Arts Center has requested one of my pieces for their next gallery show.

Okay, so they sent the same "request" to all the members.  And anyone can be a member.  And I’m a member so that I get a discount on my printmaking classes.  I was explaining to the kids that I was excited but that it wasn’t a big deal.  That someone’s dog could be a member too.  We then had a great discussion about how my print will be hanging between a paw sketch by Maxie the cocker spaniel and a scratching by Geoff the guinea pig.  But still…

Here’s the piece.  Sorry about the glare.  It is actually sunny here today.  And hot.


This is the collograph that I’ve spoken of before.  I’ve embellished it with vintage beads all sewn on one at a time. Once I framed it I realized how much I love this.  I’m putting a higher price on it that I’d originally planned as I don’t mind if it doesn’t sell and if it does sell it will help pay for my next class!

I’ve entitled it "patience" not because of the beadwork but because it taught me to "wait for it" when it comes to printmaking.  The first, second or even fifth run might not work, but the sixth could be totally worth the wait.  patience.  and happy accidents.  That’s printmaking.

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