where does the time go?  It’s been a busy summer, back and forth to the cottage, music lessons continuing for the kids, parties to plan, relatives visiting.  It’s all goodness but my blog has been sadly ignored.  So here is a quick update:

    • Amy and her kids are letterboxing mad so we decided to give it a try (I’ll post photos next week).  We found directions for a box in Ocean Shores and hiked to find it.  Awesomeness.  Our trail name is The Lost Geoducks and R designed our stamp for stamping the log books in the boxes that we find.  I’m busily printing out directions for letterboxes in the area. 
    • I’m almost finished my little octopus quilt although I don’t know that I’ll ever really be finished.  Andrea was kind enough to add what will be the companion piece to her blog this month.   
    • I’m working on another beaded piece, this one a mandala gone awry.  Hard to explain, photos to follow.  Let’s just say, I’m deeply into intensively detailed beadwork at the moment.  I’m finding it very meditative.  My eyes on the other hand…
    • My garden is suffering from the dry weather and neglect.  I’m very sad.
    • I just finished reading Brideshead Revisited and thoroughly enjoyed it.  So as not to use up too many brain cells I am now reading Intern by Doctor X — an extremely trashy read.  phew.
    • P is taking guitar lessons.  He has an electric guitar with an amplifier.  ’nuff said.
    • R continues her voice lessons.  I coaxed her into trying Big Yellow Taxi.  She loves it.

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