thoughts on the waning of summer

What a great summer.  The kids and I did lots of nothing, lots of visiting, lots of fun things, and lots of time spent at the shore.  As always it all went by too fast. 

Tuesday the kids head back to school, Miss R to middle school (yikes!) and the P-man to second grade.  Of course, this is pending the outcome of contract negotiations with the teacher’s union.  I agree that the teacher’s need a pay raise (can we ever really pay them enough?) but I disagree with their complaint about the web-based curriculum that allows parents to see, day by day, what their children are being taught.  I don’t know about you, but without this I’d have no idea what my kids were studying at school.  P regales me with each and every detail of lunch and recess but seems to have no idea what happens in between.  Miss R brings home a bit of homework, and notebooks full of doodling and the latest news on the street regarding video games, Pokemon etc.  The teacher’s say it doesn’t allow for flexibility but I think there is room to be flexible and creative within a curriculum. 


So come Tuesday, the kids may, or may not be back.  I’m easy either way, the kids can never be home enough as far as I’m concerned (despite what I say).

The cottage was perfect this summer.  All winter, as we happily beach combed in rubber boots, fleece pullovers and rain gear, we kept saying how amazing it would be in the summer.  And it was.  Bare feet, shorts, laying in the sun, watching the pelicans dive and the harbor seals pop their heads out.  Amazing.  Having grown up on the prairie this is not something that I ever imagined I would have the opportunity to do — owning a cottage at the shore.  D and both know how lucky we are which is why we insist on sharing it with our friends as much as possible.

We set up cots in the garage making room for four kids, in addition to the two double beds in the second bedroom.  So we had lots of company to the cottage, found lots of beach treasures, had bonfires outside, and cozy fires inside.  We played horseshoes, beach combed and played in the surf, kayaked and took our little peddle boat out on the canals of Ocean Shores.  We’re on a first name basis with the folks who run the candy shop and Mollie at the antique shop.  We see the subtle and not-so-subtle changes to the beaches following a storm or even just a windy day.

Today it’s raining.  R and I are home getting her (mentally) ready  to go back to school.  The boys are at the cottage because it is sunny there.  I’m thinking about winter projects, tidying up my garden and doing the crossword.

I’m definitely not ready for summer to end.

PS   the pictures are from my sad little garden

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  1. amy August 31, 2008

    That\’s it!  I\’m starting a "Visit Washington" penny jar right now.  I\’m tired of missing out on all this fun at the coast :).We\’ve just put a week of school under our collective belt and head back for week two on Tuesday.  Give R a big hug for me, I hope she has a WONDERFUL year!  Same goes for P too, but I remember that transition to middle school and how nervous I was :).

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