I took one quilt class about five years ago with a friend.  It was two or three evenings and the end result was a "raggy" quilt that you sort of build with the seams showing.  It is made of flannel and we still use it on cool nights.  Prior to that my mom desperately tried to show me how to crazy quilt but I’m pretty sure she was totally exasperated.  She is of the measure twice, sew, press, check, continue variety and I’m, not.

All my quilting experience since has been by the seat of my pants, learned by reading books about quilting, looking at pictures and reading instructions online.  I think that people who spend hours quilting, matching seams, working with colors and patterns would be driven to drink watching me.  I say this as I have a half-put together quilt top spread out on my dining room table.  I’m pinning the pieces then heading out to the garage to sew them together.  My sewing is at about 90 miles per hour, my pinning haphazard at best, my seam matching is, well, erring more on the mismatched side. 

And I’m happy as a clam with my results. 

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