my challenge, my rules

Remember my list from a few posts back? 

Well, I’ve decided that since the kids are still on summer vacation that it is still summer and I can still cram in the couple of items I didn’t get a chance to finish. So yesterday I set up my easel on the back deck and started to paint.  A whale.  Yeah, sure he was there, I’m just as surprised as you are…  Oh, he’s not there anymore so I was lucky to get that part of the painting done first.

Of course, every art project has it’s critics.  I didn’t realize though that the Steller’s Jay I feed peanuts to was even interested in art. 


Next time I’ll paint him since he was posing so nicely.


Comment 1

  1. Sophie September 3, 2008

    As long as the jay didn\’t…uh, add to the painting, it\’s all good!  I\’m glad you\’re getting some of those things done–summer isn\’t over until it\’s over, and around here sometimes it resumes about the time school does!  🙂

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