what if?

I’m not sure how many of you read the blog what if? but for anyone working with fiber or simply looking for some unique quilting ideas this is the place.  I find it so inspiring.  Jude is currently challenging readers to rediscover crazy quilting, updating, repurposing, reinventing…  I’ve tried crazy quilting in the past but it wasn’t for me so I thought this was a good challenge. 

By reading the basic instructions (from a book I found at a thrift store) I decided:

  • what if I started in the corner like you are "supposed" to, but
  • what if I just layered the squares of fabric that I would use and
  • what if I pinned them together, flipped them over and started cutting
  • what if I cut out circles to make it more organic rather than using "typical" straight edges and
  • what if instead of using embellishments to hide the raw edges like you are "supposed" to I used embellishments to hi-light the raw edges?


I like the results.  This square will be making it’s way to Jude.


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