here’s something happy

You’ll notice that I rarely let reality creep into my blog.  I try to focus on the good things here and actually started my blog specifically for that reason — after all, "what do I have to be depressed about!" (which, by the way, is the worst thing you can say to someone with depression).  So I am feeling a little guilty over the downer post.  But not guilty enough to remove it. 

So here’s a good thing, Miss Riley helping me with the crossword by sitting on it.  Notice the "small" tag Miss R made for her — all the cats have one.  I miscalculated the size for shrinking purposes, but the cats don’t hate them anymore than anything else we put around their necks.  They go through collars like, well, like they go through cat toys, but at least we know most of the cat toys end up under the piano.  I don’t know where the collars end up.

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  1. rosebudinnh September 16, 2008

     dawn said…

    hey, what the heck are you doing over here? That\’s okay — I\’ll still come visit. Thanks for the comment on my kitty. She\’s our baby although she is twice as big and twice as heavy as the two older cats. But as we say, she\’s in great shape, if the shape is round. I\’m loving your paper dolls.
    8:07 PM

     rosebudinnh said…

    hello again HEHE Iam every where LOL Rose

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