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  1. Unknown September 19, 2008

    I thought I WOULD be Anne Elliot, because I AM easily persuaded, and I do love steadfastly even when without hope. But alas, I too am Elizabeth, but mostly because none of the "hobbies" options included being lazy, watching tv, and avoiding social situations. Anne and Lizzie were really the only possibilities, as Emma and both of the Dashwoods are decidedly unlike me, and Catherine was just too stupid and melodramatic. Now, maybe Fanny, except that she loved her cousin (for all basic purposes raised with him as his sister) which was just too icky.

  2. Unknown September 19, 2008

    Sorry — I keep omitting my email, which means no name appears. It\’s your cousin Cathy. Who does NOT want to marry you.
    I also wrote the comment about David Foster Wallace.

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