mommy, why is there a server in the house?

sigh.  Last night my darling husband was up until the wee hours.  No, not watching movies or playing video games.  He was installing our new server.  In anticipation of getting his new computer today.  Yes, I live with a geek and I say that in the kindest of ways.  But this morning when I went to write a post (and a very clever one I might add) I found that all my photos were gone and the printer isn’t accessible.  Apparently someone has some ‘splainin to do.

So, to learn more about our new server go here and read this informative little book (you don’t have to buy it to read it).  This is the funniest marketing material I’ve ever read.

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  1. Jeff September 22, 2008

    It seems painful right now, but you will love it once it is set up.  Amy and Jake now think it\’s only natural that the documents they worked on upstairs are always available downstairs.  And having all of your photos and music centralized will be HUGE as your kids start buying music and loading up their Zunes!  And the Home Server client makes it easy to manage the thing as well as to access shared folders. 
    And it looks way cool, glowing blue in my computer closet!

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