finished project alert!

 ta da!  Finally.  It kind of feels like I’ve been working on this quilt for a long time.  It is a combination of a charm pack (5” x 5” squares of fabric from a collection, the name of which totally escapes me), hand knit squares, squares cut from old t-shirts, and some other fabrics that I had in my bins.  I bought a quarter yard of waffle knit fabric with lobsters (too cute) and I bought the Alexander Henry backing fabric from

I rushed this quilt along, and did some machine quilting on it in addition to the hand tufting and hand stitching of the binding.  If I were to do it again I’d take more time pinning for the machine stitching and I’d talk more kindly to my sewing machine who was not happy with the workload. 

I’d like to try something similar using my weave-it loom to make the squares, mostly because they make up a lot faster than the knit squares and they wouldn’t be quite as bulky.  I can weave two or three squares while watching a movie but there is no way I knit that quickly.  I do love the combination of knit, t-shirts and cotton though.

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