the chartreuse fairy

my friend is in a short film this Saturday and needed help with a costume.  She is a fairy, and needed a crinoline (okay, I insisted she needed a crinoline) to go underneath her skirt.  Who can resist making a chartreuse crinoline?  Honestly.  And in an adult size so it isn’t itsy and fussy to sew.  She will be wearing this skirt with a chartreuse sweater, chartreuse rubber boots, wings and flowers and acorns in her hair.  Lovely. 

hmmm, does it need more flowers and greenery sewn to the bottom.  Now I’m torn.

Comment 1

  1. amy September 26, 2008

    first, TOO CUTE! and second, i was thinking molly might have to be a fairy for halloween this year and now i know she has to be.  or at least something that requires a cute crinoline like that.

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