my new favorite toy

You know those guys, the ones who you see out power washing their house or their driveway.  Using enough water to last an African village a year just to get a few leaves down to the curb.  Well, I totally get it.  I’m ashamed to say I had to stop myself last week from power washing my entire house.  And my driveway.  omg.  Those things are fantastic!  If I could use it inside my house I totally would. 

As it was I washed our old tent trailer for the season.  Then the bikes.  Then the scooter.  Then the old sandbox.  Then just one side of the house.  Then just a bit of the driveway.  Then the garbage pails.  Hold me back. 

I mentioned my toy to my friend Sophie and her eyes lit up.  She gets it.  I’m taking it over to her house on Thursday!

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  1. Sophie October 7, 2008

    And I can hardly wait!  Those ugly black stains that creep down the brick wall surrounding the patio are about to be obliterated.  (Might do a few windows, too, while I\’m at it!)

  2. amy October 7, 2008

    I haven\’t been able to convince the Mr. that we need one of these…I\’ve given up and am working on a super-sized air compressor instead…

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