a party and we weren’t invited

We came home from the cottage last night to find out there’d been a little party.  The window ledge was covered in paw prints, as was the wall, and they continued near the various food and water dishes that we leave for the cats when we’re gone.  The food was gone (we’d left out enough for a week even though we were only gone two days) and the water was muddy.  Muddy.  Our cats don’t typically wash their paws in the water.  On closer inspection the paw prints weren’t even made by cats.

The culprits?  Raccoons.  Little stinkers.  They’d found the cat door, let themselves in and had a a little raccoon party.  I guess the good news is they didn’t get into the cupboards.  Or make any long distance calls.  Or drink Derick’s beer.  But honestly. 

So the cat door is now locked down once the kitties are in for the night.  Sorry cats, but until you can teach your little friends a few manners, they aren’t invited and your midnight ramblings will have to be curtailed.

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  1. Pascale November 1, 2008

    You could get those electric thingamajigs for your cats, that go with an electric catdoor. This way your cats can go in and out at their own convenience. They won\’t let the raccoons in, i think, unless they are friends now.

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