don’t laugh

One day this will be you too.  After last week’s trip to the eye doctor this is the new me.  From the top down:

  • Regular prescription for near sightedness, my current glasses actually because this hasn’t changed for years.
  • New prescription for mid-distance, e.g. beading, sewing, printmaking, etc. (oddly enough, I read best without any glasses at all, but for anything about 1–2 feet away I need this extra pair).
  • New prescription that combines the above two, “progressive lenses” (aka bi-focals)
  • Ultra groovy prescription sunglasses that make me look like a movie star because I’m in denial about the above new prescriptions.

sigh.  Is the photo in focus?  I had to take it without my glasses on.

Comment 1

  1. amy October 17, 2008

    nice collection you have there ;).  i\’m heading out right now to pick up my new prescription…hardly changed, but i did get new frames.  apparently my eyes are fatigued from keeping up with three busy kids and not my eye sight getting worse.

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