bits and pieces

My lovely friend E sends her children to a Waldorf school.  I live vicariously through her as the whole idea of Waldorf does appeal to me.  So I love the chance to participate by attending lectures, donating items to their auction and right now, making a few things to send off to their craft sale.  Of course, it isn’t just any craft sale, it is a Renaissance Marketplace, with appropriate costumes and music.  I had no plan for my crafting, one thing just led to another until I had a little bundle of items…


<–  This is a little basket of felt food, a mushroom, a carrot, a radish, peas and a strawberry.

These are mushroom treasure boxes.  I got the idea from the very clever crafters at the Ben Franklin shop.  I made mine quite a bit poofier.  –>




<–  The last thing I made was a few brooches.  I’m so pleased with these.  I thought the red and white ones were very Christmassy.


Now on to my Christmas Swap items.  Once again Amy is hosting an ornament swap.  Join now, every yearthis is an amazing swap.

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