more holiday goodies

I had more ideas for the ornament swap… 

I collect snails.  Not real ones, although I do like them, just not as pets.  When I take the garbage out or go for a walk on a rainy night I take a flashlight because I don’t want to step on any.  I try not to put things in my garden that they’ll eat so we coexist quite happily.  Anyway, I’ve had the idea for this little guy for quite awhile and last night I made one.  It’s just polymer clay for the body and hat, pins for the eyes and a bobbin for the shell.  This would have been my ornament for the swap, but I just don’t know if everyone feels the same way I do about these guys.

I bought the tiny tart tin initially to make the pincushion ornaments from Zakka Sewing.  But I didn’t have enough of the little tins (I had bought two at a thrift store ages ago).  Then I saw the ornaments made from truffle molds and German glass glitter in the latest MaryJanesFarm magazine (that is a whole other post, don’t let me forget!).  Well, this is tinier than a truffle mold and I only had dollar store glitter but I thought this would be cute.  Maybe next year I’ll get larger tins, real glass glitter and some vintage photos from ArtChix and make these for the swap.

The ring is from Pretty Little Felts.  No, it isn’t an ornament, but I made it in holiday colors and thought it would make a nice gift and look cute attached to a parcel.  If I had all the time in the world I’d make one for all my swap partners, but I’m sure they’ll understand.

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