mmmm pumpkin pie for breakfast

and sand in my shoes.  A perfect Thanksgiving.

A five day weekend in Ocean Shores with our friends, the Rapps.  The weather was very northwest.  Mostly it was mild (in the 50s), a bit rainy, a bit foggy and one day where we decided it wasn’t fog, but more of a cloud.

We had lots of time at the beach and watched the huge waves coming over the north jetty while the little boys climbed rocks.  Another day we watched as an extra high tide began making an island of Damon Point.  We could see evidence of high tides and storms as the beach has once again changed; more gravel, more driftwood and fewer dunes. 

We had waaaay too much food for the eight of us.  Although Sophie and I spent a lot of time planning the food we still went overboard.  Of course.  Sophie tried a new pumpkin pie recipe and I tried a new pumpkin cheesecake recipe.  We had the usual turkey breast and salmon for the carnivores and vegetarian sausage for the rest of us.  Lots of roast veggies, vegetarian stuffing and gravy.  An endless cheese plate.  Eggnog, home made beer, Belgian beer and tea to counter the rain.  Other meals were quiche, or home made mac and cheese, oatmeal pancakes, on and on… yum.

I did some crafting, getting cards ready for the holiday sale at the art center where I do printmaking.  I made prints of my octopus plate on cards and colored them with water colors.  We played quite a bit of Scrabble which Miss R has recently discovered, including one game of LOL scrabble where words that would work at LOL cats are used.  It was much harder than you’d think and when you’d use a regular word you’d actually feel like a bit of a loser.  I also read, finishing The Forgetting Room (I didn’t think it was his best) and The Puppet Masters (great, and of course much better than the movie).  And Sophie and I managed a trip to our favorite antique store.

Now we’re home and it’s time to get over the cold I’ve been fighting since we left for the holiday. You’re right, getting soaked in ocean probably didn’t help.

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