my Christmas card dilemma

I like making my own Christmas cards every year.  This year my plan was to make cards with a black & white picture of the kids on the front.  I had my papers and trims bought and ready, all I needed was the photo. 

Well, let’s just say Mommy wasn’t exactly in a Christmas mood after trying several times to get a photo of the kids:

  1. in proximity of each other
  2. without one or the other holding bunny ears behind their sibling
  3. without something in their mouth
  4. looking towards me
  5. without an out and out scowl
  6. without lying on the floor complaining about the odiousness of picture taking

In the meantime I made these cards for the art sale at the center where I take my printmaking classes.  They are done with a hand carved stamp that I then added watercolor to.  I was going to donate them because they are currently doing a big fundraiser.  When these were done I just couldn’t decide, art? or craft?  I know it is a very fine line at times but the stuff at the holiday sale is pretty amazing.

So, these will be my Christmas cards this year.  I’ll send a cash donation to the Center in lieu of donating the cards.

No pictures of the kids.  Maybe next year I’ll tie them to a chair and get someone to tickle them while I use Derick’s camera on burst mode to try to get at least one decent photo.

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  1. Sophie December 7, 2008

    I love the idea of doing pictures on burst mode…you could surround a large-ish "good" photo with smaller prints of all the behaving-badly ones you took to get the good one! 🙂

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