a little decorating

I’ve been fussing around, doing a little decorating with the kids.  Late, I know.  This year we didn’t have the tree up until December!  I don’t know what has gotten into my husband but it gets later every year.


Lots of greenery… R’s choir sold lovely fresh garlands and wreaths and I scavenged the yard for holly, branches and berries.

The nativity set that I’ve had since I was little, a glittery Santa.  And that is no ordinary star at the top of our tree.  It’s filled with catnip, and yes, it’s driving the cats crazy.  They love playing with the ornaments and climbing the tree.

  This little village is from K&Company.  It’s a great kit as it gives you two options for making the village (glittery with more color or paler with less glitter).  We opted to maximize glitter.  R picked out some glitter paper to make a pond.  We’ve put the faux votive candles in each building so at night they glow and flicker – quite pretty.  I’ve not finished the trees yet and R wants to hit a model store and get some people that fit the scale.  We’re making do with penguins at the moment. 

The kit also came with a garland but we already have our awesome, Yo Yo Yo garland.  yo.  ‘cause that’s how we roll.

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