not exactly a snow day

to quote the local television station…

Schools throughout greater Seattle closed Wednesday at the mere threat of snow late in the day, a symptom of the city’s deep phobia of the white stuff and near-complete inability to deal with any significant snowstorm.

So the kids stayed home, played a bit of Viva Pinata until their friends came over for the afternoon to play.  A good time was had by all.  Maybe tomorrow we’ll actually get some snow.  The picture shows our yard with the snow that has stuck around since our big snow storm on the weekend. 

Yes, Paul and family (who live in Saskatchewan where it is currently –4F and snowing), you can laugh at us.  It’s almost as funny as the time the army was called to clear the snow in Toronto.

Comment 1

  1. Anna December 17, 2008

    Seriously. This was the short day, they were only going to be there until 2 as it is! Between sickness and this, my kids have been home more than they\’ve been at school. People in MA must be laughing as well! Anyway, I vented, I feel better… glad to hear you guys had some fun.

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