okay, that’s more like it

It’s been snowing since late last night and it’s beautiful.  This is the most snow we’ve ever seen here.  Derick even braved it to go pick up some sleds for the kids. 


And we’ve had one other little visitor all day.  This little Anna’s hummingbird came by the other day prompting me to freshen up the syrup.  She’s been hanging out ever since and today she’s even sitting on a branch under the eaves.  That is when she’s not dive bombing the kids on their sleds.

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  1. Cousin Barb December 18, 2008

    Looks goooorgeous Dawn – and you are so kind to the little hummingbird. I\’ve been watching the snow at Dundarave Beach, near Mom and Dad\’s – and it looks gorgeous too! We fly off to Jim\’s place on Sunday, so if I don\’t return here until then, have an absolutely wonderful Christmas ….Merry Christmas to all of you!! Love Bxoxo PS. I hope you stocked up on beans….

  2. Neora Chana December 20, 2008

    How mystically amazing that a hummingbird showed up in the winter! At least, we don\’t have them in winter where I live. Hope you are surviving the snow well.

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