more crafting

It all started innocently enough with some hand-dyed wool felt.  Then I found the perfect match in a print called “woodland bloom”.  And it deteriorated rapidly as I went through my stash of crafting goodies.

First came the beaded mushrooms.  Then the gnomes.  Then the bangle and more mushrooms.  And then I needed a box to contain them all.




The box is an unpainted wood box from the craft store that I primed then painted.  I cut cardboard to size and covered it with padding and fabric then attached a felt flower in the center to give it a more quilted look.  I then glued the whole thing to the lid.  Inside is a little picture frame that I painted and added fabric as the "picture".

The little bangle was made using Moki’s method, but I used a round wooden disk with fabric.  The “bloom”, like the “woodland” in the tiny frame, came from the selvedge of the fabric.

I still think a snail is needed though…  stay posted.

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