Happy New Year

I’m so hilarious.  Yes, my new year’s greetings are a day late.  This will also give you some idea on how well my New Year’s resolutions are going so far.

I think I’m still impressing myself with last year’s resolution.  Yes, I made it an entire year, a year of living vegetarian-ly (okay, to be totally honest at Thanksgiving I had the tiniest bite of salmon and once accidentally bit into an appetizer that turned out to contain turkey).

I learned quite a bit this past year.  I have my friend Sophie to thank as it was she that I turned to the most for help and advice.  Beans are my friend.  I can make a mean mushroom gravy.  I don’t eat pasta for every meal.  Gelatin is in everything.  Everything the Field Roast Grain company makes is delicious.  There’s always peanut butter.  I know how much protein I need and get everyday – do you?  Michael Pollan’s advice is best, “Eat food, not too much, mostly vegetables.”

This year I am thinking about adding seafood to my diet.  If it is fresh and I know exactly where it has come from.  And it isn’t deep fried.  In fact, this year nothing will be deep fried.

And my word for this year?  unstuck.

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