Since buying the cottage in Ocean Shores I’ve not mentioned our “vacation property in the Cascades”. We still own it but haven’t been there in well over a year.  We planned to put it up for sale this spring, trying to sell the trailer and lot as a package deal.  In the meantime, it has sat empty.

Last Sunday I was looking through the Craig’s List “wanted” ads and a particular ad pulled at my heartstrings.  Derick agreed.  Joe was trying to help out an elderly gentleman, Jerry, who had lost his home in the recent floods.  He was trying to find someone to donate a 30’ travel trailer that would replace the one Jerry had been living in and get it set up on Joe’s farm.

Joe and I emailed back and forth all week.  He showed me several pictures of Jerry’s trailer and their farm under water.  Saturday we met Joe and Jerry  at our vacation property.   Jerry was thrilled with the condition of the trailer.  With the help of the maintenance folks at the property we got the trailer hitched to Joe’s truck and off they went.

In exchange we get to take the kids to Joe’s farm this spring and summer to see the horses, catch chickens and play with the miniature goats.  And of course, see Jerry.  We all think that is a fair trade.

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