my computer is broken

okay, it isn’t like it’s the only computer in the house but it’s mine and I miss it.  It’s in the kitchen with me and I (sadly) use it all day long.  How can I keep up with every little thing on Facebook?  or check my email 8,000 times a day? or update my blog?
I’m going to have to schlep it over to Best Buy tomorrow and have the Geek Squad look at it and pretend I’m in an episode of "Chuck".  Perhaps I’ll have some frozen yogurt while I"m waiting for them to assess the situation.  My personal Geek Squad looked at it this morning, couldn’t fix and declared that my next computer was going to be a desktop because I’m too hard on laptops.  really?  Really??
ah well.  Believe it or not there are other things I should be doing.  but most involve housework and we all know my position on that.

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