the more you know…

This article makes me laugh. 

The POM pomegranate folks did indeed spend $25-million in medical research on their pomegranates.  They spent that instead of advertising then made sure the results were published in various medical journals which actually gave them even better advertising than they ever could have wished for.  What they don’t tell you is that the results would be identical if you substituted almost any other citrus fruit. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have pomegranates – it’s all goodness, but don’t be fooled by the hype. 

Comment 1

  1. Sophie March 9, 2009

    Oh, that is so funny! The lady at the head of POM is a real character–I read an article about her in the New Yorker last year. One thing is for sure, SHE believes in her product!! :)Go eat some fruit.

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