print swap

This is my first print swap.  I’m sending 15 5” x 7” prints to Oregon, I get 13 back.  coolness. 

I did a collograph which means I made a plate from mat board and cut paper then covered the whole things in a few layers of acrylic medium.  Then I ink up the plate, wipe away most of the ink and print it on paper that has been soaking in water.  Yes, a very messy process, and yes, I wash my hands a million times.  The ink is water-soluble.


Many prints are made to get 15 good ones.  With this print I found that the “ghost” (or second pull) was the color I wanted so that meant I made two prints for every one that I used in the swap.  And it meant I made a total of 41 prints if you include the test prints, smudged prints, out of kilter prints etc.  I’m pleased with the final result.


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