more ripping

this is what I’m doing with all the extra prints I had leftover from the print swap.  I’ve ripped the edges off and torn them in half.  Laid them out on a piece of plywood.  I’ll play with the arrangement for awhile then glue them down.  And then pore melted beeswax on them.  And maybe embed some images of bees in the wax but we’ll see how fancy I want to get.


The beeswax thing is called encaustics and it is so intriguing.  My friend Liz and I are thinking about taking an intro class one night at NW Encaustics.

Comment 1

  1. Neora Chana March 17, 2009

    Nice! I tear up a lot of color xeroxes of my photos to use in various ways. Have not tried encaustic media yet, will be interested in haring what you have to say about it.

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