yup, my friend Anna and I decided piercings r us this week.  So we went to Kirkland for lunch and then on to the tattoo and piercing parlor.  Big sign on the door that if you’d been drinking to come back when you were sober.  Since we’d only had one beer each we decided we were good to go.

Miss R was horrified that I was having this done and P told me only people who smoked got tattoos and things pierced.  Both valid opinions.  I just hope they remember that when it’s their turn.

No it didn’t hurt at all.  Yes, I think it’s cool.  Yes, it probably has everything to do with a certain upcoming birthday.

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  1. Neora Chana March 23, 2009

    Very cool. I\’ve always limited myself tothe ears, although they have three peircings. My brother did his nose back in the 80\’s when that was definitely avante garde.

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