dawn & joe’s excellent adventure

Day 4

phew.  What a day.  Eleven hours of museums and galleries.

A couple of Joe’s buddies from school joined us and we started at the Seattle Asian Art Museum.  They had a special show, the Royal Paintings of Jodhpur.  Amazing tiny little pictures of millions of people.  As Joe said, ‘”historically significant, but, do you really want to use a magnifying glass to look at art?” Another show of Chinese painting was amazing.

On  to the University of Washington where Joe got his BFA.  We visited the Henry Art Gallery, the School of Art where we saw the Jacob Lawrence Gallery and finally the Burke Museum.

insert lunch and a visit to Krispy Kreme here (Joe and I restrained ourselves admirably by only eating 2 donuts each).

Then on to the highlight of the day.  The Seattle Art Museum.  sigh.  It was amazing.  Hard to know where to start to describe it.  I have a list of artists to learn more about.  A sketch of a sea bear.  And a new appreciation for how much Joe knows about art and art history.  Not to mention the fact that he could read the writing on the Persian tiles.  Ridiculous.

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