staying healthy

With everyone around me getting “the plague” it’s a wonder that I’ve been healthy through all of it.  I keep waiting for the hammer to drop, but so far… nothing.  The pharmacy that I’ve been going to lately had this little article,

Are you getting enough vitamin D? The answer may lie in how often you catch a cold. A February 23 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows a link between low levels of vitamin D and increased respiratory infection risk from colds and flu.

Well, as it turns out I’ve been taking 2000 mg of Vitamin D a day for some months now on the advice of my nutritionist.  Not to mention switching so that most of my meals through the day consist of raw fruits and vegetables and trying to use soy or almond milk in my smoothies.  Oh, and for the last two weeks a steady dose of Zycam, Airborne and EmergenC.

Now to start getting that stuff into the kids.  The problem here lies in finding a vitamin supplement that is (1) palatable to them (2) not full of sugar (3) not in gummy form (no gelatin allowed). 

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  1. Sophie April 3, 2009

    It was a great day when Paul started swallowing whole pills! I, too, have looked for the non-gelatin kid supplement of D that a three year old could take, and so far no luck.

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