but is it art?

My friend Mary Mac gave me a print that she did on a sewing pattern.  It just seemed to me that it needed to be stitched…  well, one thing led to another.

I monoprinted some instruction sheets as backing to the tissue (note to people interested in my prints – this is the first time that I ever mixed pastel colors.  Then added bits of fabric between the tissue and instructions to fill out the “dresses”.  All these layers were put together using acrylic medium (sort of like white glue).

I added a few bows, shoelaces and tatted flowers from my Grandma (via my Aunty Pat) and stitched around each of the girls.  Ric-rac seemed to be called for.  I also added buttons, and bits of the fabric that I had used for the dresses. 

I joined the backing and batting with some machine quilting, but not much as I was fighting the fragility of the paper.  In fact working with the paper meant I also had to minimize the pinning that I do – normally I pin like crazy to prevent wonkiness.  You will note, there is indeed some wonkiness in the end result, but no torn paper.


The result is a quilt.  A quilt of paper and fabric.

I’m going to show it to Mary Mac at class on Wednesday.  If she likes it, we’ll put it in the student show that goes up at the Kirkland Arts Center on Monday.

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