an open letter to the Bellevue School District

This is the email that I sent to the BSD and state legislators regarding the closure of elementary and middle school libraries and the firing of their librarians next school year…


Let me be the first to congratulate the Bellevue School Board on their decision to fire all of the middle and elementary school librarians and to close all the libraries. It is this sort of foresightedness that is only going to help our children to become contributing members of society. Where do you find the courage to make such a bold and innovative move?

We all know that all the information our children need can be found on the internet. I’m so happy to now just give my 8- and 11-year olds free reign to surf the net and discover all the wonderful information and new friends that await them there.

We also know how lavishly the school board has funded the libraries each year. I’m sure that your steps will ensure that more teachers can be hired; football programs funded and parking lots can be enlarged.

And might I suggest that your next step is to eliminate reading programs all together. Without books, there really is no reason to continue teaching this costly and obviously unnecessary skill. Again, more money will be available for more important items, although none spring to mind at the moment.

Again, I thank and applaud you.

Yours (in)sincerely,

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  1. amy May 21, 2009

    You must be joking! Who in their right mind would choose to eliminate libraries from schools? This can\’t be right. I hope enough people write in to voice their disgust.

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