GE Triton XL

GE Triton XL, goodbye you piece of crap dishwasher. 

For five years now you have left my dishes dirtier than when they went in.  You have literally fallen apart so many times during a wash cycle that I can now put you back together with my eyes closed (really, I tried it).  For the two years you were under warranty I was on a first name basis with the repair guys.  They had a different “solution” for your issues each time they came out.  None of them worked.


Next month a shiny new dishwasher will take your place.  I will never buy a GE appliance ever again.

For you search engines out there…  GE Triton XL is a dishdirtier, not a dishwasher.

Comment 1

  1. amy August 20, 2009

    so what kind of shiny new dishwasher are you getting? inquiring minds and all that…because i too have a crappy GE dishwasher. though it does actually clean the dishes so i guess i shouldn\’t complain. heh.

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