the big kahuna

I keep mentioning this guy over on my facebook account but don’t think I’ve really explained him. 

When we were in Kuau-i I tried to do some sketching everyday.  One day at our favorite beach (Lydgate Park) I saw this fellow sitting on a log.  He was sitting with his son at first then by himself.  He stayed there for such a long time that I was actually able to concentrate on getting my sketch just right.  After he left I watched him, go swimming, play football with his son… he was so self-confident he really earned the name “Big Kahuna”.  Part of me wanted to show him the sketch but I’m not sure a person would appreciate knowing that someone just spent the last half hour watching them that closely.

Anyway, I finished the sketch and Joe convinced me to trace it and transfer it onto watercolor paper and onto a woodblock.  Since I’ve convinced myself I can’t draw people I never paint or print them.  This is a first and has taken me out of my comfort zone.  And according to my husband, this is the only way to learn.  So far, so good.  I’ll keep you posted.

The top is the ink sketch waiting for watercolors, to the right is the original sketch and in the foreground is the 4” by 6” woodcut waiting to be printed.

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