retail therapy

I was having one of those days where I wanted to be out and about, I had lunch with Derick then thought a little shopping was in order.  Well, when I need retail therapy I spare no expense.  I drive all the way to Redmond (about 10 minutes) to the good Value Village (yes, my husband knows how lucky he is that I’m not the kind of wife to drive to Nordstrom’s).

I bought myself a new purse.  I love purses.  But since I chose not to buy anything made from leather** I’m a bit limited in selection.  I did find a really cute Kenneth Cole purse though, and was thrilled to read the label, “all man made materials”.  Yay.  And for $4.99.  I also got P a new rain jacket for $2.99, an inflatable great horned owl for $.99 (no I have no idea what I’ll use it for but honestly, an inflatable great horned owl, who could pass that up?), some goodie bags for Halloween treats and a sail boat to hang on a wall at the cottage.   I love VV. 

** please don’t justify your use of leather by saying,” I eat beef so I’m using the whole animal.”  Sadly, beef cattle and cattle raised for their skins are two different beasts.  And yes, I do know the amount of petroleum products that go into creating man-made materials. Choices like this are never easy.

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