swash and buckle

P started pirate school last week (for those of you who don’t already know, ahem, DAD because you aren’t on Facebook).

The first class they got to hold a sword and the second class, full on gear!  too cute!  I’m really impressed with so many things about the sport, the focus required, the etiquette, how not-scary the huge Eastern European Matre d’Armes is, how they just let these kids mess around with all the electronic equipment on open fencing night.  Oh, and relatively speaking, how inexpensive it is.  One of the other parents (of two sports-crazy boys) said that in his experience fencing and basketball are the most inexpensive sports to have your kids involved in.  All the equipment is provided. 

Update  This week they started fencing with the lame, hooked up to the electronic scoring system.  so cool.


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