prepping for a print show

of course I have soooo much time to goof around this time of year.  Honestly, nothing but time on my hands.  ugh.  The good news is I have a show coming up in January at Kona Kai coffee shop in Kent.  The bad news is I have a show coming up. 

Kona Kai has tons of wall space which is nice, but it also means I need to have quite a bit ready to hang and since I had a show there during the summer, I don’t want to repeat myself. 

But I have a plan.

I mean, the point of printmaking is making prints.  Lots and lots of copies of the same print.  So my show title is “ink-print-repeat” and will showcase the use of multiple prints within one piece.  I got the idea when I was getting this print ready for the Daniel Smith print show that is going on now at the Bellevue location.

And seeing these little prints of “stumped” all together gave me an idea for another larger print…

The idea is that you can make multiple pieces from one print block, or you can make one piece from multiple prints.  Does that make sense?  I want to give people an idea of what printmaking is all about.  It’s not just printing stuff out on a laser printer, or making copies at Kinko’s, which is too often what people think when I say I’m a printmaker.

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