and a good time was had by all

a post with no pictures?  say it isn’t so. 

a weekend at the shore is always so relaxing and fun, but doubly so when it is just you and a good friend.  My friend Evelyn and I took off Friday night leaving families at home to “cope” somehow with our absence.  And we managed quite nicely on our own.  A beautiful sunny day on Saturday to beach comb, do a little shopping, nap/read on the two comfy couches then head out to the Irish pub for dinner.  Sunday, much the same, but under a cover of clouds and in amongst the rain.  But it was all goodness.

I had my camera, but never got around to taking pictures.  It would have been fun to take a picture or two of the ducks crowded around the few open spots of water on the canals.  It has been so cold for so long at the shore that the canals have actually frozen over – just like The Netherlands, except thinner, and not quite as safe.

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