scarves, check

A little knitting because, you know, I have so much time on my hands.  Actually, knitting happens during fencing, Glee, and various other television shows and movies that are watched around here.

It’s all Anna’s fault really, as she talked me into the aqua bubbly yarn on the left.  It works up really quickly and Miss R decided it was perfect for one of her girlfriends.  So that meant we should knit scarves for her other girlfriends as well.  I tackled the variegated red and the fluffy blue/green scarves.

Miss R, in her first knitting project ever, knit the neck warmer in the lower part of the photo.  She worked away on it over the course of a couple of days during the Thanksgiving holiday.  As she worked the number of stitches increased and decreased and a large hole appeared.  Perfect!  A buttonhole.  I couldn’t make one of these in a scarf if I tried.  So we worked with that, bought an extra sparkly button and there you have it, a neck warmer. 

Miss R, so pleased with herself went on to make a full-length cape for her next project.  For one of her Pinkie St. dolls, so by full-length we mean a triangle about 4-inches long.  Perfect.

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