choirs and carols

Miss R loves to sing.  She totally surprised us a couple of years ago asking to take voice lessons.  And last year she chose choir as an elective.  This year she is in advanced choir.  She loves choir and her choir director, and it shows when you watch her sing. 

They had their concert a week ago and it was amazing.  The gymnasium was packed to the rafters. It helps that there are 70 kids in the entry choir program (two classes, the concert was the first time they sang together).  And it also helps that the choir director always invites “alumni” to join the choirs for the last carol.  I think it’s a tribute to her that about 25 high school boys and girls took a night off to come and sit through a concert so they could sing in her choir again.  It was fantastic.


           Ms. Meyering                 Miss R, second from right                      The choir plus alumni

And yesterday they sang at the Hilton Hotel, singing from the first floor out over the atrium.  It was so beautiful.  The hotel manager was so excited about it and had cookies and cider for the kids afterwards and has promised to have them back next year.  She said she had no idea that a middle school choir could sound that great.  Yeah, who knew!

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