the birds!

I was just going to try making one little felt bird, tucked into a nest with a glittery egg after seeing this little project from Martha (have I mentioned that I love Martha?). 

Of course, I’d have to tweak it a bit as I like to hand stitch felt rather than fuss with turning machine sewn bits.  And I didn’t think they’d need beaded trim.  And I didn’t want to gold leaf the eggs as I already had glitter from making a batch of these (darn you Martha) for Amy’s annual ornament swap

When all was said and done I guess the Martha pattern was really just the jumping off point for a twelve-hour birding marathon…


It started with a seagull.  I love the colors of gulls and their constant call of “mine, mine, mine” at the shore.  They are funny and full of personality. This guy is perched on a giant horse clam.


As I was cutting out the seagull I thought that the shape was so similar to a crow’s or raven’s that I knew I had to make one of them as well.  This guy has found a little red bead and is perched on a rock from my garden.  Okay, that sounds ridiculous, he didn’t find it, I sewed it to his beak.  Because.

Then came the red birds, the ones I was originally going to make.  His tail is a fancy feather combination, that was bought at the craft store along with the nest and egg.



Then came the blue birds.  I decided that a mom and chick would be cute with the nest (okay, maybe I was getting tired).  And I got a little carried away with the feathers, but what the heck… 



I’ve a few more that I want to make, a canary… a green bird with red eyes (like my Kakariki, Giggles), a flock of seagulls


Update:  canary, check!

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