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I finally got around to printing up the cedar collographs.  It is so nice to be able to just drop everything and head into the garage for an hour or two.  Having everything set up out there is so nice.  I’m working in the garage on my own these days so I’ve lots of space.

I love the way they turned out.  I did a lot of overprinting, changing up colors and flipping the paper around and I’m really pleased with them.  I did extras so that I have them on hand. 

I was in a rush so I didn’t seal my collograph as much as I should have.  Little bits of cedar kept falling off into my ink, onto my roller.  I kept laying them back onto the collograph.  I’m so messy when I print.

I started with a dark forest green then with each run I lightened the color by adding more yellow and used a lot of transparent medium in the inks so they look dark as you roll them out but they are a lot lighter on the paper.

So these will dry for a day or two then I’ll add my trees.


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