slugs r us

I have been soooooooo lazy this holiday.  I’d like to chalk it up to my groove being thrown off by kids around 24/7 or a husband who has gone nocturnal but it’s really just the post-holiday relaxation setting in.  I’ve lots I should be doing, lots I want to do, but I’d rather just relax and read.

I have been puttering in the “studio” getting ready for my “show” in January.  The title is “ink-print-repeat”.  I’m trying to demonstrate what printmaking entails through various pieces, primarily that printmaking is about making many copies but each is still a little different.  And you can combine the copies in a number of ways.


These are prints on silk that I did in the summer.  Each is mounted on a canvas.  For the show I’ve combined sixteen canvases into one “piece”.  It’s heavy as hell but lovely to look at.  Putting this together has made me want to get back to printing on fabric. 

hmmm, printing feathers onto felt for birds perhaps?  oh, oh.  Now I really want to do that.

I overprinted my cedar pieces as well and I like the direction they are taking.  At this point these prints have been through the press between 3 and 8 times using two or three different plates, thus the title “ink-print-repeat”.  These aren’t quite done.  Well, a couple of them are, but a couple are going to be torn up and stitched back together.


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