my first solo show

Last summer I had a flurry of shows.  First, a show with three friends at the SoulFood Coffee Shop in Redmond.  A few months later, a show at Kona Kai Coffee Shop in Kent with a printmaking friend.  Then an unexpected, last minute fill-in show at The Building in West Seattle and at the same time one of my pieces made it into the juried member’s show at the Kirkland Art Center.  It was all very exciting and fun and nerve wracking but I was kind of relieved to see a few months ahead of me without a show.

It gave me time to reflect on what I would do for my next show and to think about what it really means to have a show.  Luckily, I knew that I had the walls of Kona Kai available to me this month so I had a positive, manageable deadline to go with my thinking.  I decided that I wanted to try to demonstrate what printmaking means to me and what it is.  Here is the blurb that I put on my postcards…


Printmaking allows the artist to make many copies of the same image, but even so, often no two are the same.  Dawn Rogal, a local printmaker, shows the process and results of creating hand-pulled prints through her work on display at Kona Kai Coffee…

It was a mix of old pieces done almost a year ago and ones I finished up a few days ago.  Some were a simple relief print but I hung several copies of that same print to show how each could differ.  Others were complicated mixes of several plates, stitching, etc.  I took some really bad photos of the pieces hanging in the coffee shop. I’ll go back and take my time and get better ones, particularly of the new pieces.


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