a little sewing

My friend is celebrating her birthday today.  I didn’t know what I wanted to get her.  Then I remembered a t-shirt I’d seen and it inspired me…

careful, or you’ll end up in my novel.

So last night after dinner I gathered together my materials.  Felt, linen and a pretty fat quarter.  I’m not much at making patterns so this was a really a seat of my pants endeavor.  Embroidery last night, sewing this morning.

This is a little notebook cover.  A composition notebook tucks inside.  It is lined with linen and has a sewn in bookmark.  The cover is embroidered bamboo felt.  Miss R drew the little person for me.  I love how she can get so much expression into such a simple figure.


I like the bamboo felt.  It is much much nicer than polyester felt that you find at the craft stores and much cheaper than wool felt.  So, it’s a good type to keep on hand.  I got mine through A Child’s Dream Come True.  They have a beautiful selection of all types of felt.


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