some days are better than others

bleh. Today has been one of those days where I’ve been thwarted at (almost) every turn.  My little guy could not get up this morning and complained of a “barfy” tummy then burst into tears over breakfast.  I’m thinking he was just overtired.  I knew that if I let him go to school I’d probably end up at school picking him up early anyway.  So home he stayed.

That meant that not quite as much got done around here as planned.  I did finally bite the bullet and finish the months’ long installation of our new shelves

My husband was hesitant to start putting large holes in the walls to anchor the shelves.  I’m okay with putting large holes in the walls.  As a printmaker I know that I can always create new, lovely pieces of art, in any size, to cover said holes.  So I got out the tools and in amongst many, “mama, come look” trips I installed them.  And I love them. 

Now I can get rid of my pile o‘ crap that resides at the end of my dining room table.  This is my office.  All my paperwork, flyers, school info – it all ends up here.  So now I’m on the hunt for the perfect desk organizing accessories.  I love these, but they’re leather so they’re out.  But something like them.

And repaint and recover the little white chair that I’ve had longer than I’ve had my husband.  Time for a well earned makeover.

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