must make something

The other day my friend Amy posted on Facebook the things that she had to get done that day, plus she vowed to “make something”.  Anything. I kno w just how she feels.

Normally I satisfy this urge with an hour or two working on a print, in whatever stage it’s at… carving the block, printing, stitching, adding color.  But I told myself after I hung my show that I would focus on printing in the Kirkland Studio with the big press once my classes started and concentrate on home stuff that needs doing.

Yeah. It’s not working out. 

Instead I find myself pouring through craft books like this one from my favorite ebay seller.

I love working with felt and usually have something on the go to work on.  But since I finished up all my birds over the Christmas break I haven’t started anything new.

I love hand stitching and felt is perfect for that – but you have to use the nice quality wool felt.


I’ve been drooling over new fabric collections.  I love this collection and think it would be perfect for… That’s the problem. I have no idea how I would use it.  I’m trying really hard to resist buying fabric that I don’t need right at the moment – but as any quilter or sewer will tell you, that’s just crazy talk.

I was at the craft store today and my friend Anna said, “Friends don’t let friends buy fabric”.  She was very helpful.  And she made the sales clerk laugh.

Although I did buy some wool felt. 


I’ve seen thinking about new projects that I’ve never tried before.  Moss is so easy to find around here and I love the idea of including a bit of clover.  I have everything I need to make a little terrarium right in my own yard.

This project is from design*sponge, one of my favorite d.i.y  and design sites.  Lots of fun projects, and just great eye candy.

So have a good weekend.  I’ll be helping my little cat Bo mend with medicine and lots of lap time.  And I’ll make something.  Just not sure what at the moment.  But I do have some new wool felt  😉

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