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I love the chance to donate my prints to fundraisers.  I’m holding my own little fundraiser over in my etsy shop.  One hundred percent of all the sales over there this month will go to this organization to support hospitals in Haiti.

And when I heard through Kelly at Fusions Gallery the Ocean Shores Interpretive Center was having a Silent Auction it was a no-brainer to donate two of my prints to the cause.

(Sorry for the terrible pictures, I need to figure out ways to take better pictures of my art.)


The sad thing is that the Interpretive Center is in dire need of funds.  The City of Ocean Shores, in all their “wisdom”, decided to shut down the public library and the interpretive center in order to save money.  This is ridiculous when you look at the mismanagement of the the tax payers dollars that goes on year in and year out in Ocean Shores.  I know I’m sounding cranky but just take a look at one or two letters to the editor, editorials or articles here and you’ll get the drift.

If are in Ocean Shores it is so worth the visit.  Admission is free but be sure to look for the little donation box on the wall. 

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