It has been a month of celebration for my young man as he turns the big 9.  His actual birthday was spent on a surprise visit to Great Wolf Lodge.  It is on the way to the cottage so it was pretty easy to pull it off.   This place is ridiculous in all the best ways.  We ordered the party package and it was fantastic.  It included the hat (as modeled by our hero), a cake, a large pizza, four awesome loot bags, tokens to the arcade, a poster for the door so everyone knew it was his birthday (in case the hat wasn’t a giveaway).  It was a great weekend for all of us.

Yesterday though was the party for his friends.  We held it at our local swim club so everyone got to swim for an hour then eat cake and run around like the little kids they are.  P wanted a shark theme, which is a theme I’m happy to accommodate.  Once again, a good time was had by all.


Thank you Sophie for taking photos!

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